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Prophetic Voice Institute

Dedicated, Caring Christian Educators at Your Service


Why We Exist: Mission Statement

The Prophetic Voice Institute degree program is designed to develop, prepare and equip biblically-based, Spirit-anointed, compassionate counselors for both vocational ministry and marketplace positions in the world. Core Christian Ministry courses provide students with foundational knowledge and skills for effective Christian counseling and leadership while the various program concentrations offer students the ability to more narrowly focus professional education in their anticipated area of vocation.

Apostle Brenda Ward, Chancellor

Apostle Brenda Ward holds BA-Psychology, Master of Arts In Clinical Christian Counseling, Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, NCCA Clinical Supervisor, Certified Temperament Counselor, and aspirating to obtain her Doctoral Christian Counsel. She presently attending Capella University working towards her Licensure as a Mental Health Counselor. She is also a professional Prophetic Spiritual Life Coach.

As a layman, Apostle has worked in many areas of the church, Usher, Street Ministry, Children Church, In-touch Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Youth Ministry, Discipleship Training, Church Administrator, Dance Instructor, and Lead Armor-bearer. Apostle Ward believes and knows in her heart, a true leader is one who has worked their way through the levels in Christ.

A great leader is one who can be a great follower. Apostle favorite scripture is that God has no respect of person. 1 Corinthians 15:20a. Apostle also knows that everyone has been born with a purpose from God. Apostle has watched God unfold many of her hidden talents and gifts that laid wait for the master's kingdom. As a leader, her motto is that God fits everyone for use.

God doesn't call us to equip, God Equips whom He calls. Everyone has a gift, a purpose, and a calling from God. Apostle knows that one of her ministry assignments is to encourage as many people as God set in her path to personally develop a

relationship with God. She strives to help God's children to find their divine destiny and purpose in life to advance the kingdom.

Apostle knows that people are the heart of God. Her heart is to do the will of the Father and to bring His children to a level where they can develop a relationship with the Father on their own. She is commissioned by God to preach and teach the kingdom message of Jesus Christ, ministering to the brokenhearted, poor, outcast and the harvest.

Apostle Brenda Ward, Chancellor and Prophetic Instructors will bring biblical awareness to Christian Counseling, Developing your leadership potential, understanding the supernatural realm and how we are to operate in this spiritual sphere with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This online virtual campus & classroom setting will empower each learner with a proven understanding of discovering the seed of greatness hidden in you through revelation knowledge of the scriptures and training led by the Holy Spirit, resulting in strength that dispels powerlessness and all fears.

As an Institute for Christian Counseling, Biblical Prophetic Teaching and Prophetic Leadership I am also very enthusiastic in introducing these classes "Master Level Kingdom Training, School of Prophetic Wisdom & How to Develop Your Vision Plan." In a world where high performance is required for success, it is often difficult to grasp the

concept of The Kingdom, which leads me to be confident that these classes will help every individual who decides to the participant to discover the freeing power of the grace of God and your Purpose for life.

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