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Doctoral in Clinical Christian Counseling

This program is designed for those who holds a Master’s degree in counseling or a accepted/related field may upon the completion of requirements for licensure and qualification for a Doctoral in Clinical Christian Counseling.

  • Non-refundable enrollment fee
  • Completion of Phase I & II
  • Nine core courses-Phase III
  • Clinical supervision
  • Supervision
  • Completion of 35 APS assessments,
  • Written responses to 50 ethical questions posed by the NCCA Board,
  • Eight advanced courses
  • Completion of an open book 500 Question Exam on the Old Testament and New Testament,
  • Written Thesis
  • Matriculation fee.

Upon completion of Program Three, the candidate will the Doctorate degree in Clinical Christian Counseling, Advanced Certification in as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor, and appropriate Board Certification for selected specialty areas. Additionally, the candidate will receive a Professional Clinical Membership in the NCCA.

*NCCA Master’s and Doctorate programs listed are designed for individuals who have not previously completed any NCCA degree program. Please note that if a student completes an NCCA program of study and chooses to enroll in a second-degree program, additional program requirements will apply.